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Heritage Growing Spaces specializes in many styles of greenhouses including free-standing greenhouses, and attached greenhouses.

Buying Considerations for Greenhouses


Heritage Growing Spaces greenhouses can be built in a large array of sizes. From large, sprawling greenhouses that take up a big portion of your backyard, to small free-standing greenhouses and every size in between. The size of both the greenhouse and your available space are important factors to consider. Which size you choose to build will depend on how many plants you want to fit inside the greenhouse and how much space you have on your property to accommodate the greenhouse.  


Both the structure and the siding of free-standing greenhouses and attached greenhouses are available in multiple different materials. Our structures are typically made out of wood. Greenhouse siding is usually made from glass or polycarbonate.


Greenhouses are often thought of as small, shed-like structures. However, greenhouses can be built in many shapes, including saltbox, A-frame, and lean-to designs. The shape you choose depends on the intended use and aesthetic design.   

Flooring and Foundations

Many free-standing and attached greenhouse structures do not require a full cement foundation, though some might. It is important to take note of this when choosing the size, type, and placement of the greenhouse. Even if the greenhouse does not require a full foundation, some kind of flooring is often desirable. Options include pavers, pea gravel, or wood chip pathways.

Features For Temperature Control

Controlling the temperature and humidity inside the greenhouse is extremely important, since creating warm temperatures ideal for growing is the whole purpose of a greenhouse. Mechanisms used for temperature control include electric, gas, propane, and natural gas heating elements. These are critical if you plan to garden through the winter. Windows, fans, or shade curtains are needed during the hot summer day to help keep the greenhouse from getting overheated.    

Additional Features

Heritage Growing Spaces will custom design and build in additional features. Such as shelving units for seedlings, work tables, raised beds, and benches. There is usually some form of temperature regulation required like heating units or automatic waterers. These additional costs are important to factor in when deciding on a custom greenhouse.

Small Freestanding Greenhouses

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